OEMINE MER - 60 Capsules

Dietary supplement of omega 3 DHA in the form of phospholipids.



Marine lecithin is a lipidic complex that balances body fats. It is a vector of omega 3 DHA in a soluble form. It cumulates the effects of lecithin emulsifying body lipids and omega 3. It is rich in Pc-DHA. It is also a supply of cerebral phospholipids (cephalin). Marine lecithin contains choline which is good for your liver (see health claims below).

(According to authorized health claims. Official Journal: Commission Regulation (EU) No.

Marine lecithin Pc-DHA of OEMINE MER contains choline that contributes to:
- Normal homocysteine and lipid metabolism
- Healthy liver functioning

To have these beneficial effects it is recommended to take 5 capsules a day, which contain 95 mg of choline.


2 capsules every morning and evening during meals with a glass of water.

Composition / ingredients

Composition of 1 hard gelatin capsule:
phospholipids: 76 mg
omega 3: 26 mg
correlation of EPA/DHA: 2 /4
choline: 19 mg.

Ingredients: fish oil, marine lecithin, corn maltodextrin, gum arabic, magnesium stearate, fish gelatin capsule.


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