Nutritional supplement rich in organic iodine, thanks to seaweed titrated with a high dose of iodine.



This nutritional supplement in the form of seaweed powder (Brittany’s algue) is very rich in iodine. One little scoop of 20 mg corresponds to daily requirements in iodine. OEMINE IODINE ALGUE FORT is good to compensate iodine deficiency or just to have it in case of emergency like nuclear accident for example. Taking iodine supplements can protect the thyroid from injury by “filling up” the gland — thus preventing it from taking up radioactive iodine. You must consult your doctor to define what iodine dose to take.

Iodine deficiency is more current than it is believed. According to some recent studies almost everyone is more or less iodine deficient. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends defining iodine deficiency by testing urinary iodine concentration.

Iodine is indispensible for thyroid hormones. Thanks to iodine the thyroid gland can regulate energy levels and adapt to stress in the long term. Such symptoms as cold intolerance, fatigue and constipation can be caused by iodine deficiency.

So OEMINE IODINE ALGUE FORT is good for overall health, cold intolerance and iodine deficiency in all groups of people, especially pregnant women.

(According to health claims permitted by Commission Regulation UE N°412/2012)
Iodine contributes to:

Normal energy metabolism

Normal nervous system function

Healthy skin

Normal production of thyroid hormones and normal thyroid function


Take 1 scoop of 20 mg with your food in the morning or evening, for 3 months.

What you should do in case of nuclear accident :

In case of risk for exposure to radioactive iodine (nuclear accident) to reduce up to 90% the fixation of radioactive iodine it is recommended to take at once no less than 30 mg of iodine what is equal approximately to 4 g of Oemine iodine powder (1 teaspoonful of Oemine iodine powder.

In the regions with low iodine content in the food, it is recommended to take from 50 to 100 mg of iodine what corresponds to 6-12 g of Oemine iodine powder (about 2-3 teaspoons).

Composition / ingredients

Powder composition:
The element iodine: 150 µg
per scoop of 20 mg (100% of DRI)

Ingredients: Wild kelp powder (harvested in Brittany, France).


This nutritional supplement is not recommended in case of allergy to iodine, seaweeds or seafood.

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