PLASMA MARIN - 60 capsules

Sea plasma: sea water powder – 60 caps.



Remineralizing and hydrating sea water powder.

Original sea water contains a lot of elements of Mendeleev’s periodic table, including all the trace elements which are necessary for the human body.

This partially desalinated sea water powder is a balanced source of sodium and magnesium salts which contribute to electrolytic equilibrium (the number of positive charges equals the number of negative charges) and fatigue reduction.

Magnesium, which this dietary supplement contains, contributes to:

  • Fatigue reduction
  • Electrolytic equilibrium
  • Normal energy metabolism
  • Normal nervous system functioning
  • Normal muscle functioning
  • Good protein synthesis
  • Normal psychological functioning
  • Healthy bones and teeth
  • The process of cellular division

The chloride that this powder contains improves digestion and natural intestinal motility.

Sea plasma for athletes: during physical activities because of transpiration, we lose mineral salts, particularly sodium. Therefore, it is useful to take some sea water powder to compensate this loss. According to the intensity of transpiration, it is possible to take either 3 capsules diluted in 200 ml of water or 6-9 capsules diluted in 1-1.5 l of water.

This sea water powder is suitable for the people with high blood pressure because it is partially desalinated.

Oemine Plasma marin is produced in France by natural concentration and evaporation followed by the residual water atomization. The sodium chloride excess is eliminated by crystallization.


In case of tiredness: 1 capsule 3 times a day with a glass of water for 20 days per month.

During heat waves: open 6 capsules in 1 l of water, take with lemon juice.


Ingredients: Partially desalinated sea water powder, hard gelatin capsule of plant origin: polysaccharides (pullulan).

Composition for 3 capsules:

Sea water rich in minerals and trace elements: 1134 mg

Chloride: 453 mg (22% of DRI*)

Sulfate: 170 mg

Magnesium: 145 mg (35% of DRI*)

Sodium: 113 mg (8 % of DRI*)

Potassium: 45 mg (1,4% of DRI*)

*DRI: dietary reference intake for male adults aged between 19 and 51 years old.


Oemine Plasma Marin can’t replace a balanced diet or a healthy lifestyle. Keep out of reach of children. Follow the recommended doses.

This product is not recommended in case of strict salt-free diet, very high blood pressure or kidney failure. Consult your doctor before use.

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