OEMINE ALKYL - 60 Capsules

Dietary supplement of purified and concentrated alkylglycerols.



Shark liver oil is an old remedy of Norwegian and Swedish fishermen. A number of international studies have shown the merits of this ancient practice aimed to improve general health. This oil has a lot of virtues for the human body, particularly, thanks to its richness in good fatty acids, such as alkylglycerols and squalene.

Oemine Alkyl is naturally rich in alkylglycerols, which take part in natural immune defense. They are presented in human liver, spleen and bone marrow.

Oemine Alkyl shark oil is extracted according to the patented method that allows to:

  • Fight efficiently against oil oxidation;
  • Increase considerably its stability: from 2 to 10 times depending on the type of oil;
  • Guarantee the optimal preservation of nutritional and organoleptic qualities of the oil;
  • Optimize the longevity of alkylglycerols and their assimilation

Exclusive method of purification: Oemine Alky is filtered and purified to eliminate any residual pollutants according to gentle methods respecting the environment. The levels of contaminants in this oil of exceptional quality are at the limit of detection and in compliance with European regulations.


2-4 capsules a day.

Composition / ingredient :

Ingredients: shark liver oil, fish gelatin capsule.

Composition per 1 capsule:
Shark liver oil - 500 mg

Alkylglycerols - 150 mg

Our capsules are made in Brittany with shark oil coming from the French fishery for non-threatened marine species in authorized zones.

Oemine ALKYL is guaranteed without colorant or preservative or any synthetic product added. Every batch is controlled.


Oemine ALKYL is manufactured according to strict norms. Its dosage corresponds to Dietary Reference Intake (DRI) and must be used according to the indicated dose. Oemine ALKYL must not be used in substitution for a balanced diet and must be kept out of reach of children. It is not recommended during pregnancy.

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