MYCOBIO Talc Powder -100gr

Talc for hikers’ foot hygiene.



POWDER TALC MICOBIO complements GEL MICOBIO. Thanks to its absorbing properties POWDER TALC MICOBIO prevents your feet from maceration and perspiration provokes irritation. This talc is based on boric acid and zinc. It is a natural magnesium silicate. It is used like starch to absorb humidity of skin folds and interdigital areas but unlike the latter it is not destroyed by perspiration.


Use POWDER TALC MICOBIO every morning and evening on the skin treated with GEL MICOBIO. Apply it on soles and between toes before sports activities or long walks.

Composition / ingredients

Ingredients: talc, zinc oxide, boric acid, perfume, limonene*, linalool*, geraniol*.

* Molecules may be sensitizing or allergenic.


This talc shouldn’t be used for the hygiene of children under 3 years old. Avoid contact of the talc with your eyes. Don’t swallow. Keep out of reach of children. Don’t use on irritated or excoriated skin or chicken pox spots.

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