Gamme Eczebio

ECZEBIO SAVON - Soap 100gr

Soft vegetable soap containing Shea butter.



Soap ECZEBIO is especially beneficial for dry skin and skin with problems. It is a very soft soap.

It is made entirely from vegetable oils and organic natural ingredients. This soap is based on organic palm and safflower oils rich in omega 3 and 6 that regenerate the epidermis. It is naturally coloured.

It has a natural perfume of deodorizing organic essential oils. It contains Shea butter that leaves a regenerating soft film on your skin.

This natural vegetable soap is good for all skin types especially for dry skin. It can be used as shaving foam for men (with a shaving brush).


Composition / ingredients

Ingredients : sodium palmitate, sodium palm kernelate, aqua, glycerin, palm acid, carthamus tinctorius, butyrospermum parki, perfume, sodium thiosulfate, sodium chloride, palm kernel acid.


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