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OEMINE DIGEST - 60 Capsules

This nutritional supplement is a source of vegetable enzymes to help digest cereals and vegetables containing starch.



This nutritional supplement is based on anise grains, which are known for their anti-meteorism properties, and barley germs rich in enzymes, particularly, amylase.


3 capsules during or after meals 2 times a day with a glass of water.

Composition / ingredients

Ingredients: barley germs, anise.

Composition of a vegetable capsule: polysaccharides, yeast, potassium chloride, carrageenans.


Oemine DIGEST is guaranteed without colorant or preservative or any synthetic product added. Oemine DIGEST is manufactured according to strict norms. Its dosage of vitamin corresponds to Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) and must be used according to the indicated dose. Oemine DIGEST can’t substitute a balanced diet and must be kept out of reach of children.

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