OEMINE K BROCOLI - 60 Capsules

Dietary supplement intended to compliment the diet with natural vitamin K of plant origin.



OEMINE K contributes to bone health. So it is good for children and adolescents as these are the periods of rapid growth. It is also recommended for older people in combination with vitamin D.

Vitamin K is also known to maintain normal blood clotting*.

OEMINE K is an innovative combination of phylloquinone or vitamin K1 (broccoli concentrate) and menatetrenone or vitamin K2 (menaQ7 made from soybeans fermented with bacillus subtilis natto).

*(According to the authorized health claims. Official Journal: Commission Regulation (EU) No. 412/2012)


From 1 to 3 capsules a day with a glass of water.

Composition / ingredients

Composition of 1 hard gelatin capsule:
Natural vitamin K1 and K2: 25 µg (33% of DRI)

Ingredients: Broccoli, corn-derived maltodextrin, natural vitamin K2, hard gelatin capsule: plant-based polysaccharides (pullulan). May contain traces of soy.


Vitamin K should not be administered by patients under antivitamin K treatment in order not to contradict these medicines.

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