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Organic pure grapefruit seed oil.



Oemine BIOCITRUS is a natural dietary supplement based on first cold pressed oil of organic grapefruit seeds. It is beneficial for reinforcing the body’s natural defense and resistance.

Oemine BIOCITRUS is manufactured with organic grapefruit seeds and pulp. It contains some vitamin C, which is naturally present in grapefruit, but, most importantly, it is rich in grapefruit bioflavonoids: naringin, isonaringin, hesperidin, neohesperidin and narirutin dissolved in vegetable glycerin. Vegetable glycerin is a solvent that preserves well the active ingredients of the extract.

Every batch of Oemine BIOCITRUS is standardized in order to contain a constant proportion of bioflavonoids.

This grapefruit extract is without alcohol or quaternary ammonium cations or any other preservatives.

It is first cold pressed organic oil.


For internal use: 10 drops 3 times a day with a glass of juice. The maximum dose can go up to 25 drops 3 times a day only if recommended by your doctor.

For external use: 3 drops mixed with a teaspoon of Oemine DERM.

Composition / ingredients

Ingredients: vegetable glycerin*, water, grapefruit seed extract*.

Composition per 10 drops:
bioflavonoids - 2,5 mg minimum
vitamin C - 20 mg

*Natural organic ingredients certified by AGROCERT FR-BIO-07.

Oemine BIOCITRUS is guaranteed without colorant or preservative or any synthetic product added.


Oemine BIOCITRUS must be used with caution in case of high blood pressure or heart problems.

Oemine BIOCITRUS is manufactured according to strict norms. Its dosage of vitamin corresponds to Dietary Reference Intake (DRI) and it must be used according to the indicated dose. Oemine BIOCITRUS can’t replace a balanced diet and must be kept out of reach of children. It is not recommended during pregnancy.

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