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Gamme Femme

OEMINE GYNE - 60 Capsules

Nutritional supplement for female comfort.



This supplement is intended to rebalance the conditions associated with menopause such as hot flashes, nervousness and sadness.


2 capsules every morning and evening, then lower the dose until 2 capsules at night before going to bed for 20 days a month.

Composition / ingredients

Ingredients: soy, linen, chaste tree, yam, hop.

Composition of a vegetable capsule: polysaccharides, yeast, potassium chloride, carrageenans.


Oemine GYNE is guaranteed without colorant or preservative or any synthetic product added. Oemine GYNE is manufactured according to strict norms. Its dosage of vitamin corresponds to Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) and must be used according to the indicated dose. Oemine GYNE can’t substitute any medicine prescribed by your doctor or a balanced diet. It must be kept out of reach of children. It is not recommended during pregnancy.

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